CrowdBucks ~  Help  Democratize  Our  Monetary  System !

People all over the planet are waking up to the need for profound shifts in the way we think about money and our economy. The advent of digital currencies represent a paradigm shift in the way we and future generations will look at money. 

There is now a much better way to issue and manage money as opposed to the way our banks have been doing it...  “We The People” can simply create new bottom-up style economies - based on flexible new currency systems that can operate interest-free, and that offer everyone huge advantages over the outdated, top-down banking systems we are currently using.  

A Practical Solution for the 99%  ~ Join The New "Social Economy"

Are you tired of the same-old-stories about the faltering global economy and the negative impact it is having on the future of our society? Imagine a solution-oriented society that looks beyond our interest-based monetary system to give people the tools they need to take ownership of their future. 

The Solution:  Take Control -- Create Your Own (Interest-Free) Money!

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