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Navigation is dedicated to helping bring about meaningful change related to global monetary and financial issues.

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Helping Change The Way The World Works !
CrowdBucks is intended to offer a positive alternative to our failing monetary and financial systems. 
From helping communities to develop and integrate flexible "digital currencies" that can stimulate local growth, to providing a framework for CrowdFunding, Micro-Lending, and a global marketplace that offers a smarter way to do business, CrowdBucks helps bring about positive change to our local economies, and offers exciting new global economic possibilities.
One key to bringing about meaningful change lies in educating people about the true nature of money and how we let it affect every aspect of our lives -- often in very negative ways. Money appears to be in very short supply and the whole world seems to be locked into an enormous, unsustainable and unpayable debt.  
While the current financial systems seem to be in a perpetual state of chaos with no solution in sight, the true answer to solving the current downward spiral in our failing economic system is based on a very simple idea...
Take Control !
There is a much better way to issue and manage money as opposed to the way our Banks have been doing it.  “We The People” can simply create new bottom-up style economies - based on flexible new currency systems that are interest-free, value-based and backed by real goods and services.   

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CrowdBucks = Crowd-issued Credit
CrowdBucks = Money 2.0 / Digital Dollars
CrowdBucks = A Value-based Public Marketplace
CrowdBucks = Money For The People ~ By The People
CrowdBucks = A Private Currency that Transcends Borders
CrowdBucks = The next logical step in the evolution of Social Networking
CrowdBucks = A convenient way to conduct Trade without using Cash
CrowdBucks = CrowdSourcing & CrowdFunding
CrowdBucks = Save Your Cash ~ Save The Planet!
CrowdBucks = A Smarter Way To Do Business.
Our Vision is to enable a more fair and sustainable social economic system that works for the 99% and offers a positive alternative for the future of our planet.
Our Mission is to make Money Work For People!
( instead of just the other way around )
Our Goal is to effectively implement "Money 3.0” and help in transitioning to new value-based economies. is a grass-roots initiative with a mission to change how the world does business. Our trading platform and related services are intended to provide people with valuable economic tools and offer our members a smarter way to do business.

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The Problem:  Our global economic systems appear to be in a state of permanent crisis.
The "too big to fail banks" are doing a lousy job of managing our money supply, and it is now clear that current interest-based financial systems are failing the vast majority of people in virtually every way. Traditional “fractional lending” practices and interest-based money systems ensure that many hard working people will fail, and many more will live in a form of life-long debt slavery that is difficult or impossible to escape.
Today's consumer capitalism demands that the maximum amount of resources will be used in order to make more money for those with the most money. The current consumer mentality that the majority of the world has been successfully brainwashed into believing in, is now squandering the Earth's limited resources at an ever-increasing rate and threatening the very future of the world as we know it.
Ongoing global financial crisis clearly demonstrates that our current financial system is not working and needs to be reformed. Banks typically turn down around half of their loan applications which means that these individuals and struggling companies likely will not get the money they need in order to do business. Even with more or less adequate levels of both supply and demand, business is not getting done in an optimal fashion because of either a lack of money, or the fact that typical interest-based money is simply too expensive.
The Solution: Create Your Own (Interest-Free) Money! is intended to become a flexible, social-economic platform that enables our users to efficiently trade goods and services using a secure “mutual credit”-enabled Marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the main idea behind CrowdBucks?
CrowdBucks offers a new kind of digital currency for managing transactions online, and is comparable in some ways to a typical banking system with innovative features that encourage purchasing power to circulate more effectively within a given region or community. CrowdBucks is intended as an open, fair and inherently stable, complementary monetary system without the need for interest and continuous economic growth. 
What exactly is a “CrowdBuck” and/or a "Trade Dollar" ?
A CrowdBuck is a kind of Voucher that is intended to represent value.  
In its simplest form a CrowdBuck is a digital receipt that shows some type of transaction occurred.  The main difference between regular money and CrowdBucks currency, is that Instead of being issued in a top-down fashion by a Bank or a Government, CrowdBucks currencies are issued in a bottom-up fashion, directly by the people and businesses that use them to conduct every-day transactions.
One important advantage of CrowdBucks is that currencies are backed by real goods and services provided by our members, whereas regular money is no longer backed by anything. CrowdBucks are also issued interest-free, which means that they are inherently less expensive to use than regular cash or credit.  
How would this new form of Money be created?
CrowdBucks will initially offer two types of trading instruments that work in similar ways to conventional checks and cash.
Both types of currencies are created by the trading partners when they buy or sell their goods and services.


View some great videos about how money works and new alternatives, etc.


Interest in alternative economies and using complementary currencies have sky-rocketed in recent years, 
and this sudden interest is happening for many good reasons.